Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Whale Pool

More catching up................
After all our fun last Thursday (24th) the children were ready for more water fun on Friday. So after I planted the 6 packs of Marigolds in the garden they headed for their little pool & I of course grabbed my camera. A Freecycle friend gave the children this little whale pool. Isn't it adorable? They had such a blast in it too!

E-boy, Boo Bear & Bug-a-Boo in their new whale pool.

Bugs found the whale's spout!

Bugs took a break from the pool to direct traffic.

Boo models her "new to her" swimsuit cover-up. Thank you, Catie!

Taking a break

Look out here I come! Beep! Beep!

Yes, that is our lawn. Lol!

Sweet Pea successfully balances a glass of water on her head.

Actually Sweet Pea got the idea from her sister. Here she is!

My water baby.

E-boy showing off the whale's tail.

All 4 kiddos enjoying the water & pool.

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