Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Days

The oppressing humidity is gone and it is absolutely gorgeous weather this week. We have been hanging outside this afternoon just enjoying the breeze & sunshine. The kids are doing a mix of helping & playing while I'm trying to work on school stuff for this fall. I keep getting interrupted so we'll see how much I actually get done. Lol.

We picked our first Tennessee zucchini today. The kids are so proud!

The free cherry tomato plants have their first yield. I'm quite impressed considering the condition the plants were in when we got them.

My cozy spot.

The gardens keep growing & growing.

Garden #2

Elvis pushed Princess in her swing for awhile.

Bugsy was bored so I told him to go hunt for bugs. Here he is catching a spider.

Hello, Spider friend!

Even the "black brothers", Sky & Bailey, enjoyed some playtime in the shade.

See how my herb garden pot & lettuce have grown. This is my second yield of lettuce.

My various assortment of sunflowers, squash, pumpkin, parsely,& geranium. I'm very pleased at how all my container plants are doing this year.

After a bit Elvis decided he could swing AND push Princess. He must have done a good job b/c she ended up falling asleep. =)

Boo Bear rescued some of my sunflowers by staking them. Dave had thrown the grill cover on them & they weren't doing well. One didn't make it but I think the rest will pull through thanks to her TLC.

Doesn't it look much better and very loved?

She helped out my tomato plant too. Thanks, Boo!

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