Friday, July 23, 2010


My cousin Scott was in town for training for the company he works for. He knew we lived nearby and contacted me to see if we could get together. I was happy he did. We haven't seen each other since we were small kids. I don't know my Dad's side of the family very well and this was a great opportunity to get to meet in person! Dave picked Scott up at his hotel the last night of his stay. He came over for a big dinner & to hang out. We had such fun with him talking, eating and getting to know each other. I am thrilled my kids got to meet him and loved him. He is an engaging story teller & full of fun. What a great evening!

It took her a little while but once she warmed up to Scott she was his best friend. =)

He won her over for good when he let her play with his cell phone. He put 80's music on to play and she thought that was just 'IT'.

Yep. We're related. LOL!

What fun!

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