Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kinda Dragging On Day #3

Day #3 got off to a slow start. We were all tired & it was hard to get motivated. But eventually we got started. The first task was to finish the kitchen & laundry room/pantry. Some scrubbing still needed to be done as well as finishing under the sink, a couple of drawers & the dish cabinets. Sweet Pea also worked on the downstairs bathroom giving it a good scrub & tidying the drawers, under the sink & the little closet.

Bailey keeps his eye on Sweet Pea making certain she didn't miss any spots. Lol!





Before a jumbled mess. Now nice & orderly.


Dave agreed to block off this cabinet from the sink. Right now it is wide open & I dislike that. I am looking forward to it getting it's own defined space.

I had it organized before as to what shelf held what items but of course with everyone in it every day it needed to be washed down & straightened up. I like having a shelf for my large, dry & canned baking ingredients, one for my bulk items, another for breakfast foods, one for chips & bread & another for smaller baking ingredients & baking decor.
These drawers are now clean, neat & tidy too!

Fresh produce
The peppers, watermelon & cantaloupe are all from the Farmer's Market. The zucchinis are from our own garden.
I cut up 5 of the peppers for freezing.
The last one I cut up and put out on the table for snacking.

Sweet Pea helped me peel & shred the 6 zucchinis. We measured it out and froze the shredded zucchini in freezer bags. I think Sweet Pea kept some out to bake with this week too.
Dave cut up the cantaloupe & watermelon for dessert tonight. He also added blueberries we bought at the F.M. on Tuesday. Oh, so yummy!
Tomorrow the goals are Princess's room & the Family Room. The latter may take more than a day. Yep. It's that bad. Come back tomorrow for more pics! =)


Rhonda said...

You are all doing a wonderful job. Keep up the great work!

Jen said...

Great job Kristine and kiddos! Everything looks great! Now ya'll can come on over to my place :)

tammy said...

What awesome progress you and your gang have made so far this week!!! Have you planned some sort of treat at the end of the week to celebrate? :)

Claire said...

I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets this week too...I guess the two of us are hitting the spring cleaning late this year!

And wow...what a big zucchini!