Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Organization, PLEASE!

I am under great stress. I have SO much to do. Going away for 3 weeks didn't help any. I came back to a week of extreme heat, humidity and working VBS. It was all great, though exhausting, but I have tons on my 'To Do' List. When did summer get so short?

I have been working all weekend and most of the week on school stuff. My main focus was on Sweet Pea's 4-year course of study. She will be starting high school this year and I was terrified of messing up. Well, maybe not terrified but it was constantly in my thoughts. A veteran homeschool mom took me under her wing and helped me plan it all. I had it written out and she validated, added, suggested and advised. What a blessing! I now feel confident that Sweet Pea has a solid course load and will be prepared for college when that time comes.

My next project has been our workboxes. Oy vey! They have turned into a place for anything & everything. Usually things that my kids don't feel like putting away in the right place. Here are some pictures of the start of our work. I'll post finished pics later. Anyone else working on some back-to-school stuff yet?

Before we start Princess entertains us.

The "Before" shot.
Doesn't show the full damage but believe me the floor is stashed with junk as are all the drawers.

Princess insists that she vaccum with Boo Bear EVERY time!

Sweet Pea washes out all the workboxes.

Not a happy camper to be contained.

Elvis decides what will go & what will stay.
I made the kids do most of the work because honestly they made the mess. They needed guidance and I was there to delegate, motivate, praise & keep them on task.

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Rhonda said...

I have been organizing here too. Not so much my house, which is pretty organized if I may say so, but my homeschool books. I have all of my ebooks placed in categorized folders on my computer where they should be so that I can find them much easier. I made a master list of all of my books on the bookshelves so that when we begin our unit studies I know exactly what I have to work with and I won't make a mistake and buy doubles. And I am also working on my Teacher's Planbook. This is something that takes me awhile, but something that I really love to do. I'm so glad that you were able to get the kids to help you out and that you had a friend to help you out in your daughter's course of study. It is so much easier when you have someone to guide you through.