Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day #4 ~ Clean Team Hits the Family Room

Today was Day #4. I overslept. I am feeling the wear & tear of this week on my body. The kids were tired today too but we plugged on.

First we moved all of the sectional couch. The kids picked up all the junk that had accumulated both under & in the couch while I vacuumed. We then shoved it all back in place & worked on cleaning up the rest of the floor.


I worked on the bookshelves over by the television, put all the videos away & then came over to work on these shelves. We now have a tub of books for the yard sale. I think this is pretty good considering I purged before we moved.

Elvis helped to sort the books into 3 categories - science, history & fun reading.

Bugs helped pick up trash & a few toys. Then it was time for a movie break.

Boo worked with Elvis sorting. She then shelved the books acccording to those categories.

Tonight we worked on sorting out the various bins & tubs. They have all sorts of stuff in them that doesn't belong so this took some time. About 3 hours to be exact. We even dragged out the big tubs from the boys closet. Several months ago I worked really hard sorting everything, cleaning out & labeling in their room. It is helping during this clean up. I also vacuumed under all the white shelves and found a lot under there, washed up toys, and tossed lots of garbage. Dave helped sort some stuff too.

I finished sorting out the books, organizing them & stacked them on the freshly cleaned shelves. You can also see some of the newly sorted toys snug in their bins.

The shelves, desk & T.V. have all been cleaned & dusted. I even have an empty shelf! Well, for now anyway. Lol!

Now all the videos fit in here with room to spare!
Sweet Pea worked hard too. She took all the pictures today which is why you don't see her in them. =0)
We hope to finish this room tomorrow. I still need to organize the books on the other shelves, clean off the tops of the shelves and go through the toys. We may try to squeeze in the dreaded boy's room. It's a jungle in there!

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Rhonda said...

You guys are really getting things in order. WOW! You are going to feel like you climbed a mountain when you are done. I love how all of your kids help out with the cleaning. Just so sweet seeing a family working together.