Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Finds

Today was a rainy day. I hadn't been out to the garden for a bit so I thought I'd take a stroll & peek at what has been going on. It's been several days since my last check and I was surprised at all that had happened as I've been inside planning for the school year.

Many more tomatoes have ripened........

.......and another zucchini is ready.

My Morning Glories have started blooming & a bumble bee was visiting.

I have a bloom on one of my sunflowers!

The tomato plants are growing like Jack's beanstalk!

What a thrill to find this little guy hanging around.

Princess sees her first home grown cucumber.

And snuggled in the leaves is a baby cuke.

I love my garden!


Rhonda said...

My goodness you have a green thumb! Everything looks awesome! I miss my tomatoes this year. :0(

Julia said...

Everything looks great!! I can't wait until we can start picking more than zucchini out of ours LOL