Friday, July 30, 2010

Family Room

Today was the toughest day yet. Not only were we tackling one of the hardest rooms but we were low on energy. I'm proud to say we set a goal & pushed through. The girls & Elvis even made some headway on the boys' room. Here's some more pictures!

The boys' room before.

I'll post after pics when it's done.
Hopefully this weekend!

The Family Room
(See my previous post for 'Before' pics)

Dusted, vacuumed under & behind, purged & organized.

These shelves are cleaned & organized from top to bottom. Even the tippy top has been sorted through & dusted. To top it off I shelved all the books by subject or theme.

Progress in the boys' room.

Nice & neat!
The stuff on the table is going back to their homes in the office. =)

Such a great feeling!
(The tub is stuff that is going.)

I'm proud of my Clean Team!

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Rhonda said...

Your family room looks wonderful!You have all been doing some amazing work and it sure does show.