Friday, July 31, 2009

Toothless in Tennessee

Tonight Elvis was out in the pool with his brother & sisters. Tale be told they were goofing around & there went his tooth! He came in to show me and noticed the other front tooth was loose as well. You guessed it! About 1/2 hour later it was gone too! Now he is toothless just like his little brother. Lol. Plus he lost 2 bottom teeth earlier this month. The Tooth Fairy is going broke! =)

More Beach Fun

These are pics that my Dad took at the beach/lake. More fun!

The one with all the hot air gets the pool toys, right? Lol! Just kidding, Dave!

Family Picture

Princess Hangs Out with Grannie

Me & The Killer Whale

Swimming with the dolphins, sharks & my boys

Doesn't this look ominous?

Bugsy on the move!

Insert "Jaws Theme" here.

Playing Around

Daddy & Bugs

Playing in the Sand


It's a bird! It's a plane!

Cool, eh?

Buried in the sand

Having Fun

Love the toes!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Birthday at the Beach

Not exactly the beach but the local lake. We like to call it the beach because there is sand, water & sun. And face it, in Tennessee it's the closest we are going to get to the beach. Lol.

We gave Elvis some choices of where to go for his birthday. He chose the beach/lake. The best part was that Grannie & Grandpa were able to join us! Elvis went absolutely CRAZY when he found out. So fun! On his big day we packed a picnic lunch, a bunch of beach toys, drinks, a stroller, a change of clothes for all, sunscreen, towels, hats, goggles, and what seemed like everything but the kitchen sink. We drove in the direction of Nashville happy that the day was sunny & hot. We had a great day swimming, building sand castles, eating & being together. The only downer were all the bees. I don't know where they all came from as we did not have this happen the last time we were there. They were all over our picnic! The only humorous part was watching Dave & Dad come up with creative ways to get rid of them. (Sorry, PETA people but they were warned.) That was a show all by itself.

Here are some pics from our day of fun at the beach/lake:


Grannie takes the troops down to the lake.

Jumping in with no hesitation!

Ahhhhh...........this is the life.

Bugs is so proud he can swim all by himself now.

The deluxe sand castle.
The kids that came from camp were very impressed!

Tuckered out

Little Fishy

Dave & Grandpa were kept busy throwing kids in the air.

Grandpa & Boo doing a handstand.

Grannie kicks back.

More pics to come!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Best Picnic Ever!

The company Dave works for held a picnic this year. It was held at a local outdoor YMCA. What a gorgeous place! It was a nice balance of woods and fields and the buildings were so nice. There was lots to do from the very smallest to the oldest. I was very impressed at all that they had for us & their generosity. The meal was delicious too & there was lots of it!

The best part for Boo, Sweet Pea, Elvis & I was the Banana Boat ride. We had never been on this before and thought, "Why not?" The regular boat ride had already filled up and the lady signing people up said, "You'll get a little wet". I figured I could handle a little bit of water but went to change into my swimsuit just in case. Good thing I did b/c we came back SOAKED!!!!!! Holy cow! The whole time I hung on for dear life! We were laughing, screaming and praying to God to keep us alive. I was seriously impressed that Elvis hung on the entire time. It was not an easy thing to do let me tell you. It was WILD! We are still talking about our adventurous ride.

It was a great day & we all agreed we can hardly wait until next year. We also agree that we are very thankful Daddy works for a company that cares about their employees and is so generous. We are blessed & thank God for this job.

We were some of the first to arrive. After signing in, doling out our raffle tickets & receiving our free beach towel we went to the Duck Pond. There were all sorts of ducks to choose from. The kids received a prize based on which duck they selected. And of course the ducks were all cats & dogs! (For those of you who don't know Dave works for a pet food company.)


Showing me her Sassy duck

Face painting!
Normally with 4 kids, (Princess is not old enough), we don't do face painting b/c it is too expensive. But here it was included in the festivities! Fun!

The Bouncy House was right by the face painting which was great. It gave the younger kids something fun to do while they waited for their siblings.

A fierce tiger! Rrrrowwww!

Boo's Turn

Hmmmm........what or who will he be?

Sweet Pea decided to join in.



Elvis joins Spiderman in the Bouncy House fun.

Sweet Tiger

My camera wasn't quick enough. That blur is Elvis! Lol.

This is another thing we have always wanted to do but couldn't. Thank you, MARS!

This is the guy that drew mine. I love it!

The Climbing Tower
Ummmm..........maybe next year.

Good sports from the company sat in the dunking tank & met the water quite frequently.

Watermelon is a favorite with our Spiderman!

Two tigers chomping down on chicken.

The kid waterpark was fun. Very clean & lots of life guards too! Mommy like!

Doesn't she look like a pretty little flower?

Part of the waterpark.

The coconut tree sprayed water.
There were lots of other sprayers too which made it all the more fun.

The kids getting ready to go down the slide.

What a fun, Fun, FUN day!