Friday, July 17, 2009


The kids had a fantastic surprise this month. My parents were planning to visit my brother at Boot Camp on his weekend pass. Since we are only about 5-6 hours away from the base they decided to fly down & come visit us for a couple of days, drive down to see my brother, then drive back here and visit for a couple more days before flying back to MA. At first we didn't tell the kids b/c things were up in the air. We didn't want to disappoint them if the trip had to be canceled. Then when we knew it was definitely on my Mom wanted to keep the surprise. It was hard keeping the secret from slipping but Dave & I managed to hold it in. The surprise & shock on the kids faces was worth the tongue biting. The day of their arrival I had told the kids I was expecting a delivery. We were all busy cleaning the house so everyone was at their job. I told them I wanted to be the one to answer the door for my delivery. When the doorbell rang I went to the door and then asked the kids if they wanted to see. Of course they did and all came running to the door. (I did this b/c I wanted them all to get the surprise at the same time.) When I opened the door it was hilarious! My Mom & Dad were on one side going nuts and the kids paused for a second before they realized it really was Grannie & Grandpa standing there! They squealed, screamed and ran for hugs. What a fantastic surprise!

The kids seeing G&G on the other side of the door. See my Mom? LOL!

Lots & lots of big hugs!

We can't believe it's you, G&G!

Grannie & Bugs

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Alison said...

how awesome is that??