Friday, July 3, 2009

Lions & Tigers & ........Fleas?

Now the first two I could always imagine being fearful of but fearful of fleas? You bet your booty! They may be tiny but they are vicious little devils. We have been plagued with them. I have no idea where they came from but I wish they would return and never come back. They are NOT welcome here! They have taken up residence in our house & on our cats. Though we have bathed the cats & treated the house several times with natural remedies they refuse to leave. We thought we were winning the battle as they were reducing in number & in sightings but they have now returned with a vengeance. We are all being chewed on but Elvis', Bugsy's and my legs are the worst. We look like we have broken out in some strange hives or something.

I have tried to stay away from chemicals but we are now desperate. Dave went and bought some flea powder at the pet store tonight & is treating all the rugs. Tomorrow we will bathe the cats again this time using flea soap. I pray this works. The next step will be an exterminator and i have no idea how much that will cost. We need to get rid of these buggers once and for all. The scratching & itching is driving us all crazy! And I'm exhausted from all the extra cleaning & washing. =(

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

Bless your hearts!

We call out the bug man twice a year. We, too, had an issue. If your neighbors have had the yard sprayed recently then they all came to YOUR yard and YOUR home! I would get the cats some stuff from the vet and spray the house and yard. It is really the only way once they start...they procreate something fierce!

I am thinking of you guys!