Sunday, July 5, 2009

Around the Yard

I took some pictures around the yard about a month ago. It's neat to look back and see how everything has grown & changed. Soon I'll post updated pics and you can see the changes for yourselves. =0)

Little squash plants peeking out of the soil.

My potted bean plants.

Teeny tomato plants Sweet Pea grew from seed.

Cucumber & squash plants starting to take off.

Peas climbing

Starting over with our tomato plants.
The first ones rotted out from all the rain.

Dave built me a clothesline!

Up close

The kids' new swing set.

A mixture of flowers & veggies.

Surprise lilies.
When we looked at the house last fall these had gone by so we didn't know they were here. What a nice surprise to have them pop up & bloom! We also had pink ones. So pretty!


I love going out in the yard, seeing the progress & relaxing in the outdoors.

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

The children and I love growing our garden, watching them grow. :) Your green things are so pretty. :)

And the "magic" drink is very easy to make that we made on the 4th.

1. Have ice in a glass.
2. Pour 100% cranberry juice first about a third of the way up the glass.
3. Next, pour slowly blue powerade into the glass. Be sure to drizzle it slowy onto the ice, not into the cranberry juice.
4. The last step for the white is Sprite Zero. Drizzle is slowing onto the ice.

ENJOY! :) It works because each layer has a different sugar content. :)