Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Lake

Back a month or two ago we decided it was time to try out Percy Priest Lake. We had heard good things about it and were eager to find a nice place to swim & picnic. Dave had a floating holiday from Good Friday to use so we picked a Monday and off we went. It was nice going on a weekday because it wasn't mobbed as it would be on the weekend. We had a great time!

Elvis swimming with Nemo.

Bugs wants to swim all on his own this year.

Little Princess was only 3 weeks old when we went.

She was so sweet in her little outfit.

We found this little guy on the beach.

Swimming in the lake.

Beautiful View

I made sure she was covered up well from the sun. Her precious little piggies were covered with sunscreen.


They have a little beach and then there are lots of trees & grass for picnics. A nice balance of sun & shade.

Sweet Pea building a sand castle.

What a great family day!

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Alison said...

looks awesome!