Saturday, September 19, 2009

First of the Season

Our first soccer games of the season finally arrived. It was a hot & sunny day. God kept the rain away and we were thankful. The kids were ready & waiting to load up in the van and be on our way. There were games to be played!

Lining up to warm up before the game

One of my favorite things is that the teams pray together before the game begins.

Elvis in action

Boo's game started about halfway into Elvis'.
The nice part is that the fields were side-by-side so we didn't have to miss either game.

Get 'em Boo!

His turn to be goalie & Mommy's turn to have a heart attack. Lol!

Cheering from the sidelines

Cutie pie smiling at Boo

Lastly it was Bugsy's turn to play.

The littles were a hoot. They all ran in a pack most of them not really knowing what was going on. One or two would manage to kick the ball in the goal. Sometimes it was the right goal and sometimes not. They didn't seem to mind as long as it went in. Hee, hee!

Bugsy's cleat came untied & the ref was so sweet.
She stopped & helped him right on the spot.

Chugging along
It was hot!

Hamming it up for Mommy.

He had a great time.
All the children have fantastic coaches. They all love playing & have made friends. We are looking forward to more games and cheering them on.

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Megan said...

These pics are SO sweet!! I love the kids' expressions. :) I must say that I'm jealous of your summer wardrobe though. We just don't know how to dress up here in NH. The mornings are bitter cold. By noon we're sweating, and by evening we're wearing jackets again! Remember those days?! ;)