Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day

Usually Labor Day is a good-bye to summer. Since we started school over 3 weeks ago we had already said farewell to our long, lazy summer days. The nice part is now that we live in Tennessee we don't have to greet the cool weather just yet. The pool remains open & the outdoor fun is still going strong.
Our Labor Day started with getting some things done around the house. After all, it is called "Labor" Day, right? Yuk, yuk, yuk. Around 10:30 we started a frantic hunt for sports team t-shirts and hats. Chick-fil-A was having a promo where if you wore one you could receive a free chicken sandwich. We found enough for all 7 of us, (even though Princess didn't get a sandwich we still wanted her to be part of the fun), and had a yummy lunch. Chick-fil-A has excellent customer service!
Later we did some more chores, I had a nap with Princess & then we had a picnic. It was a great day!

The kids still love their pool time.

Mr. Toothless

Bugs has really come far in his swimming skills this summer.

Yummy, yummy! Fruit salad!

Pasta salad ~ One of Boo & My Faves
Extra yummy with basil, cucumbers & tomatoes fresh from our garden.

What a spread!

Princess loves her exersaucer.
It was a bargain at $10 and I simply love that it is pink & girly. So many toys to play with too!


Super Princess!

It's tough to eat watermelon when you have no teeth but Elvis did a great job! =0)

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