Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Day Out

On Wednesday I was really dragging. I knew we needed something different than the regular schedule we had been struggling with. It did not take me long to declare it a "Field Trip Day". Hooray! The kids scrambled to finish their chore zones & then we all headed out. The kids didn't know where we were going but that only added to the excitement. Cheers went up as we turned into the Discovery Center's parking lot!

We came just in time to pet the snake.

Does she look crazy or what? Lol!

My sweet boy.

The last time we were here this was still under construction. Bugs was happy to explore the new "Tiny Town". It's made special for his age group with lots of different things to play with.

Banging the drums in the Music Store.

Putting things together in the Home Depot store.

Sorting stamps in the post office

I liked these a lot.

Being silly by the Velcro wall

Isn't this cool?

I LOVE this Creation Station art center.
Bugs went straight for the clay.

Boo went for the giant blackboard.

Elvis didn't want to create at first but I showed him the station that was all set up to create your own creature. Once he sat down the creativity flowed !

Here is his creature. He attached more at the bottom using pipe cleaners. I enjoyed hearing him describe it.

Giddy up, giraffe!

Having some fun!

This was a neat contraption.
We spent quite a bit of time playing with it and making it work.

His favorite!

Sweet Pea does some grocery shopping.

Cheery cashier

Digging in the coal mine.

Boo rings up Sweet Pea's groceries.

Shoveling the coal into the train.

Happy to be with trains & tracks.

Bugs takes his work very seriously.

This was cute. When he "poured" it into the car it made a "glug, glug" sound.

Working the car assembly line.
This station taught them about the Saturn assembly line.

Time to go!
I took the elevator with Princess and the stroller & the kids took the slide.

Elvis is next!

What a cool slide!

Hi, Boo!

Sweet Pea joined the fun!

It was the perfect field trip for that day & made the time fly by. I am glad we have a membership. This is such a neat place!

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

Yea, I think we are due for a trip in our school, too. Yours looked fun!