Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Declaration

I am so proud of our little boy! Elvis has been asking us all summer to be baptised. We had wanted to be certain he was serious about it & understood it before talking to our children's pastor. Recently he asked us again & we decided it was time. On Sunday he had his big day. His day of declaration. Elvis was SO excited to let everyone know that he has accepted Jesus into his heart. He was counting down the days before & bouncing off the walls when Sunday finally arrived. He told anyone within earshot that he was being baptized! Dave went up to the baptismal with him while I stayed below in the sanctuary with our other children. These are the photos I took from below. Dave took some video from the top.

Since the baptismal is way up near the balcony they put Elvis & Mr. Mike up on the big screen for all to see.

In the process of going under the water...........

I tried to get Elvis but could only see Mr. Mike.

Coming up out of the water!

Posing in front of the baptismal after a quick change.
He was absolutely BEAMING!

We tried to get Darin to come but it didn't work out. Here Elvis is talking to him on the phone on our way to lunch.

At lunch the kids wanted to have their pic taken with the bear.

Bugsy & the bear.

Boo & the bear.
We went to Famous Dave's for lunch. Their BBQ is outstanding! Yummers! To top it off it was "Dave's Day" which meant anyone whose name is Dave/David ate FREE. Yahoo!

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