Sunday, September 27, 2009

School Day

Recently I took pics of one of our school days. It was one of those nice days at home when we didn't have to run anywhere & things went rather smoothly.

Princess is such an easy baby. She loves to play on the floor & in her saucer.

Bugs working on his colors & shapes book. He knows all his colors and has for quite some time. As for his shapes he is still working on mastering all of them.

Working together

Sweet Pea reading The Yearling for her Literature study.
Now you can't do this in a classroom! =0)

Boo helps Bugs with his ETC work.

Elvis has his Daddy's talent for math.

It looks like Princess has a love for math as well!

She loves that math book! Lol!

She loves that Wordly Wise too!

Snack Time for Elvis & coloring time for Bugs.

Boo working on her Wordly Wise.

Sweet Pea likes that she can escape to her own room when she wants a quiet place to work.

Sky likes to hang out there too.

Bugs working on a file folder counting game.

Proud of his work!

Boo keeps Princess company while working on her schoolwork.

Puzzle time!

Elvis enjoys learning about space in his workbook.

Almost done!

I love these kinds of school days!