Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Day Out With Thomas

When I found out Thomas the Tank Engine was coming to Nashville I immediately thought of our youngest son. Not long ago he was a huge fan as was our oldest son when he was the same age. I decided to ask him if he'd like to go see Thomas as a part of his birthday present. I was surprised & pleased at his enthusiastic "Yes!"

We set out on a sunny Sunday afternoon just Mommy & Bugs. He was looking forward to it & asked questions the whole drive there. At the entrance we were first greeted by a friendly lady who gave us our tickets. As we entered there were two very friendly gentlemen who greeted us & gave us a map. Off we went!

Our first tent was the play tent. They had several train tables set up for the kids to play. There were also coloring pages. We took those home for later.

His next choice was to ride on the little train. It went in circles around the lot. We enjoyed it & waved to people as we drove by.

Here is the front of the train. For our first ride Bugs chose for us to ride in the caboose.

They had a few blow up bouncies & a slide. I really liked the fact that everything but food & drinks were included in our ticket price. No having to dole out more here & there. It was all paid for!

He chose to go head first every time.
He loved it and came up smiling! LOL!

Here he goes again! See the big smile on his face?

It was a riot to watch him.

Model train

These were neat. He posed by his favorite train, James.

More friends to pose with.

We stopped to watch the magic show.
We even got to be a part of the show!

The highlight of the day.......meeting Thomas!

Mommy, Bugsy & Thomas

We even got to meet Sir Topham Hat!

Our tickets to the ride of the year.

Inside the train car. And guess who is pulling the train? Yes! Thomas!

The train car. We only had to share this car with one family. Nice!
The other cars were all packed. Hee, hee!

Comfy in our air conditioned train car.

The ride begins.


Hiding behind the curtain.
On the ride back we switched sides so we could see the scenery on the other side of the train. It was neat that we could actually do that. If we hadn't been last in line we wouldn't have been able to. Sometimes it pays to be last!
To say he loved the train ride is an understatement. =0)

There was a little hallway that led from the car everyone else was in to the one we sat in.
An event to remember.

Another ride in the mini train.
This time we sat in the front car and had the train all to ourselves.
What a treat!
This is the train car we rode in.

We stopped in this tent to watch a video & listen to a story.

This was an elephant blow up thing.
The kids went inside & got to toss around giant balloons.
When they came out they crawled out of his trunk.

Peek a boo!

Jumping in the Bouncy House.

Lastly he got a temporary tatoo at the fun tent.
He picked James his favorite.

We chose to stop at McDonald's on the way home instead of eating there.
We thought the tall seats & table were pretty cool.
I really had fun with my little boy. It was great to have one-on-one time with him. I could tell he loved being able to choose what we did & when while were were there. He is already asking about going back next year. And he has been playing with his Thomas trains & tracks ever since!

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