Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Bedroom Makeover

We continued on to our bedroom. It really needed to be arranged better. Our budget is always tight but it is barely squeaking by lately. I am trying hard to use what we already have to make things look nicer & new. One thing we needed in our room was more drawer space. Dave & Sweet Pea brought the dresser from Boo Bear's room to our room. Then the re-arranging began! There wasn't much purging to do as I keep on top of it. But things did need to be organized a bit again as our room is my office, bedroom, planning room & sometimes even a schoolroom.

We started moving the furniture, wiping down baseboards & vacuuming. That chest of drawers, (Dave's), used to be over where the vacuum is. And it was piled high with stuff.

The other side of the room.

We swapped out the small nightstand & put the long set of drawers by the window instead. The bookshelf was moved to where Dave's chest of drawers used to be.

Now Dave's chest of drawers & my dresser, (recovered from Boo's room) stand side-by-side.

I made a cozy reading corner. Dave brought the small recliner in from Princess' bedroom & the bookshelves were moved. The basket & box hold my school planning books & papers.

Our cozy bed. I love being able to have my hope chest out again. This was given to me as a high school graduation gift from my dear Nana.

I'm hoping to dig through my old curtains & valances to see if I have something that will work in our bedroom. If not it will wait for now. The blinds are the most important & we have those. Yay! =0)

I am really pleased with the outcome of our room & feel much more relaxed in it. Sweet Pea said it looks like "a nice hotel room". Lol! The best part is it didn't cost us a dime. =0)


Rhonda said...

So nice and neat and roomy.

Julia said...

I love the reading corner :)