Sunday, November 28, 2010

Titans Football!

At the end of October Dave & I had the thrill of attending a NFL Titans game! I won tickets back in August & gave them to Dave as an anniversary present. He chose me to go with him. It was an experience of a lifetime!

We drove into Nashville & parked off of Broadway. Then we had to walk to the bridge & cross it to the stadium. It's the only way over there for spectators. We met some nice fans who showed us the way over.

We finally made it to the LP Field. W-O-W!

Our seats were AMAZING! We were the 3rd row back & could see everything perfectly. I only brought my point & shoot camera and was soon wishing I had brought my Nikon.

Getting ready to start!

The mascot kept me laughing. He did a fantastic job & was hilarious!

The game was okay the first 3 quarters. But then the 4th came & it was very exciting! We were yelling & cheering like crazy.

Titans score!

And yes! Again!

They completely turned the game around!

One last shot from the top before going home.

While waiting in line to climb the stairs to the bridge I had to take a shot of the bridge. It reminded me of when the electricity went out in New York and all those people walked home. What a crowd! Everyone was in a celebration mood! Well, except for the Eagles fans. Lol.

A shot of the Batman Building as we crossed back over the bridge.

A day for the memory book to be certain!

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Julia said...

Looks like it was an awesome day!