Saturday, November 6, 2010

Score at Kroger!

We are in a very tight spot right now financially. We always have a tight budget but we are squeezing every penny for it's worth right now. We had several unexpected costs come up. For those of you who live tight like we do you understand how that throws things off. Because of this our grocery budget is smaller than normal. I went into Kroger today to get essentials only & with cash in hand. I was holding my breath that my $100 would make it! Normally I shop about twice a month and have about $225. This time I was going in with less than half that.

This is what I came home with. I was extremely pleased! At one point I looked up & the register said $199. Ack! It was still climbing & didn't even add in TN's 9.75% tax yet. I about fell on the floor! How could that have happened? Then all at once the Mega Event savings clicked in on the register & the numbers started rolling downward. I almost cheered! Now we were down to $117 & that wasn't counting my coupons. As our friend punched in each coupon Sweet Pea & I watched the numbers fall. Finally we got to $97.22! I grinned at Sweet Pea & she grinned back. We made it UNDER $100! I proudly brought home our groceries & the change to Dave. =0)
Here is what we got with our $:

1 - 21 lbs. turkey
1- 20 lbs. turkey
2 boxes of tissues ($1/each - I had to get a bit softer b/c of our colds)
8 cans Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup (38cents/can)
4 cans Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup (38cents/can)
12 cans Carnation evaporated milk (15 cents/can)
2 boxes Stove Top Stuffing (75cents/each)
9 cans Kroger peaches in light syrup (49cents/each)
4 - 28oz. cans whole peeled tomatoes (99 cents/each)
2 - 24ct. Stayfree pads (99 cents/each)
8 rolls of Bounty paper towels (sale & coupon)
1 - 10lbs. bag of potatoes ($3.99)
10 boxes Annie's Organic Mac & Cheese (49 cents/each)
2 boxes Life cereal ($1.49/each)
3 - 4pk Danimals yogurt ($1/each)
4 - 4pk Activia yogurt ($1/each)
4 - 4pk Dannon Light & Fit yogurt ($1/each)
2 tubs Best Life buttery spread (49cents/each)
1 jar Chi-Chi's salsa
24 ct. Advil (50 cents)
2.5 lbs. red seedless grapes
4 on the vine tomatoes
1lb. asparagus
1 container Organic Honest Fruit Punch ( free)
2 bags Pepperidge Farm chocolate brownie cookies (99cents/bag ~my splurge for Dave & I)
1 box Pepperidge Farm natural crackers (99 cents)

I'm especially thrilled with the turkeys. They were on sale from $1.49/lb. to 69 cents/lb. That's more than 50% savings! We will use them for soups, casseroles, sandwiches & other meals. The bones will be great for broth. These will go a long way in feeding my family of 7.

I'm feeling happy & blessed with our savings today. My greatest reward was my husband's compliments & praise. That was worth more than the $130 we saved. Much more! =0)


tammy said...

WOOHOO, Wonderful job Kristine!! I love good trips like that. I need to go check my fridge, freezer and cabinets to come up with a meal plan and grocery list for this coming week. I love the challenge. I think it will be an Aldi's week here...meaning cheap! ;)

Julia said...

Wow, what an awesome haul!! Great job!

Rhonda said...

Woo hoo! WTG! You are one smart shopper.

Claire said...

Wow, awesome savings! I am impressed. I know how you feel....our budget is like that this month too. I feel like I am already spending a lot too, which worried me when my kids are still so young. I'm afraid to think about what it will be like when they are teens.