Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boo Bear's Bedroom

We spent 9 hours, yes, 9 hours working on Boo Bear's room last night. We didn't go to bed until the wee hours of the morning but we got the job done. Yay!

First Dave took down her top bunk. I didn't get a photo of the beds still together but you can imagine it, right? =0)

Then we moved all the furniture, picked up the junk & vacuumed. We scrubbed all the baseboards and the window sill. There were spots on the carpet that we scrubbed too. All the cleaning took quite awhile.
We moved the bed against the window but the rest of the furniture wouldn't fit well.

So we tried another option. This time we were pleased with the arrangement of the furniture. Daddy was a huge help in moving this all around as we decided where everything would go.

We switched out her dresser for Sweet Pea's since it is 4 inches shorter. Boo's went upstairs to my room. Next was cleaning out all the bins & boxes in her room & closet. My least favorite part.

The view from the doorway.
After hours & hours of work we were finally done! The books were sorted & placed on her bookshelves, her drawers were all cleaned out & arranged, her closet was purged & things placed neatly inside, her baskets under her bed were organized & her drawers under her bed all cleaned out. Her bedding is washed & the bed neatly made up. There are even 2 free drawers waiting empty for winter clothes! Yay!

The view from the closet.

Her tiny, organized closet.
We made the most of every little bit of space.

The view from her bed.
We were able to make a rather large pile of clothes & toys to give to Goodwill. A win-win as we can get it out of the house & someone else can use it.
With Boo's bedroom being so tiny we have to make certain to make the most of every space. One thing we do to help with storing her clothing is to put laundry baskets under her bed. They store toys as well as clothes. They are very inexpensive too & easy to take out & put back in. We've been doing this for years & it works very well for us.


Rhonda said...

Nine hours! wow! It sure looks good. I am sure that she is loving it.

Julia said...

It looks great!