Saturday, November 20, 2010

Working Together ~ Prairie Primer Studies

I posted a few photos of our rug braiding. Here is some of what it took to prep for our class. First I gathered up old clothes that either had holes, stains or both. They weren't even worth passing on to Good Will. But they were perfect for rag rugs! =0)

The girls helped me cut them into strips.
Of course Princess wanted to be in the middle of the everything. Lol.

Elvis read aloud to us from Little House in the Big Woods as we worked.

A cozy scene.
Sweet Pea cuts up Daddy's old shirt.

Bugsy was content to listen & cuddle with Molly.

The poor cats were dressed up by the girls. This ribbon came from an old nightgown. Doesn't Tinkerbelle look thrilled?

As you probably guessed the pioneers never wasted anything that still had an ounce of use left in it. Clothes that were no longer worn became curtains, rags or rugs. Some were unraveled if knit and then knitted into something new. What great examples of being good stewards of what they were given by God!

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Rhonda said...

Now this is what I call working together. I love the kitty and the pretty bow. LOL!