Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Night at the Museum (Like the Movie)

Friday night before last we went to "Night at the Museum" at the Clement Railroad Hotel Museum. Here is a description from their website:

"The hotel was constructed in 1913 and is one of the few remaining examples of a railroad hotel in a small Tennessee town. The museum features exhibits and programming involving the Civil War, railroading, and local and regional history. The museum is fortunate to have many artifacts and items the once belonged to Tennessee Governor Frank G. Clement and his family. Museum visitors will see the rooms where the Clements lived while managing the Hotel Halbrook as well as be able to view exhibits featuring Governor Clement's early years, campaign & accomplishments."

There were many characters representing those that lived from the time preceding the Civil War all the way to the mid-1960's. Some characters stayed in a particular room & when you walked in would tell about their life. Others wandered about interacting with visitors.

The railroad tracks are literally right across from the hotel. A train went by while we were there & the hotel vibrated with the movement. The characters actually stopped speaking as they couldn't be heard over the noise. Imagine what it must have been like for the guests!

Frank Goad Clement

They welcomed us upon our arrival.

Train Schedule

These gentlemen spoke a bit & then sang for their supper.

They were fantastic!

We could hear her singing from the next room.

A soldier on leave before heading overseas to fight.

I loved the quilt, quilt rack, wash basin & pitcher.

This woman worked in the local shirt factory.

Pre-civil war

Her husband

A free man who helped found Promised Land.

Model trains

Ms. Charlotte was one of the first women doctors in the nation.

Very cool

"Governor Clement"

This lady told us she was on her way to Hollywood to be a star. She giggled & exclaimed as we took her photo. Loved her!

A Civil War soldier writing to his beloved wife while on the battlefield.

His wife writing back to him & waiting for him to come home. Unfortunately it was a sad ending to their love story.

Johnny told Elvis about his adventures riding the rails. He even sang us a song.

We met a prominent couple of their time. Actually it was she who had money even after her wealthy family disowned her for marrying a Yankee. They were waiting for their carriage to take them to their French style villa but stopped to take a photo with us. =)

On our way back to the van we walked down one of the main streets. This gas pump caught my eye so I had the boys pose.
If you love living history you would have really enjoyed this evening at the hotel. We are already planning on going back next year.


Rhonda said...

This was fantastic! I loved all of the costumes and the people there sounded like they were so much fun. Thank you so much for sharing.

Rhonda said...
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Julia said...

That looks so cool!