Monday, June 29, 2009

CVS Blues

Man, I'm so bummed! I thought my Extra Care Bucks expired June 30th. I was going to go today b/c I hadn't found any deals worth going for earlier in the month. I just checked my receipt and my E.C.B.'s expired the 24th! CRAP! So much for the savings I thought I got there. I think I'm going to stick to my 1,001 coupons & store savings right now. I'm feeling quite overwhelmed & maybe I need to focus only on those. Besides I think it takes quite a bit of time before you really save at CVS & I don't have the extra time right now. Still I'm kicking myself........ I hate wasting money! Grrrr........

Thursday, June 25, 2009


It's been HOT! In the 90's every day with a heat index anywhere from 98 to 110. Yikes! Last Friday was a scorcher. "I wonder if it's really hot enough to fry an egg?" entered my head. After the kids were picked up from VBS and we had lunch I thought about it some more. I asked Elvis if he wanted to try an experiment and he was all for it. He went bouncing to the front door announcing to his siblings that we were going to try to boil and egg on the pavement. I explained the difference between boiling & frying, Elvis retrieved an egg from the frig and we were on our way with the rest in tow. Everyone was very eager to see if it would actually work.

Our specimen

Nope. No frying going on here.

We tested out the pavement with our bare feet to see if it was hot. The consensus was "Yes! Very hot!"

We went back inside for 10 minutes and then came back outside armed & ready to try again.

Bugs had the metal pan.

Elvis put down some foil. This was mainly for the fun of it b/c we had the pan already. =)

Boo had the egg. She cracked it like an expert.
Or is that eggs-pert. Yuk, yuk, yuk.

Nope. No frying this time either.

We decided to feel the pan to see if it was actually hot.

And YES it was! Whoa baby!
This time we took guesses to see if we thought it would cook this time. I told them it was an educated guess. (Yep, egg-ucated. *wink*)

We gave it 30 minutes and came out again. No cooking this time either. Elvis was correct in his hypothesis and was quite pleased about it. He went skipping across the yard yelling, "I was right! I was right!" LOL!
We decided to leave it out on the sidewalk for another hour or so to see if it would cook at all. Our collective guess was that it would not. Sweet Pea went out and got it this time and said it was cooking just a tiny bit around the edges. We plan to go out another hot day and try again. Maybe this time we will add a mirror.......hmmmm..........

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


On Memorial Day we went to check out a local park. It has over 400 acres some of which contains a few baseball fields, playgrounds, disc golf course & concession stands. Over 300 acres is filled with hiking trails through the forest. It is beautiful. Even though it was hot we went to the playground to let the kids play. After about an hour we had our picnic. When we were done we went hiking on one of the trails. It was beautiful. We saw many new trees & flowers. I wish that I had paper & a pen on the hike so I could have written the names of them down. There were markers for the trees and we enjoyed learning about them. We walked for about 45 minutes to an hour. We were going to go longer but it was very humid and we knew a thunderstorm was on it's way. We hope to go back again soon.

I wanted to get more pictures but my battery died on me. Next time for sure!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fun Times at Home & VBS

This has been a busy week. Much busier than I had expected. To top it off it was hotter than.........well, you know. =) The heat slowed us down a bit. Still we had a lot going on with VBS and the regular routine. Here are some pics from our week.

Unfortunately we have been under the attack of fleas. I don't know where they came from but all of the sudden they are here. They love the cats and are munching on us now as well. I caught one and immediately put it in rubbing alcohol. We turned it into a mini science lesson observing it through a magnifying glass & discussing it.

Bugs spies with his little eye.

Boo takes a turn.

Bugs cuddling Romeo. Romeo is such a big baby. Lol.

Boo & Elvis attended VBS at our church last week. Bugs didn't make the age cut so Sweet Pea took me up on my suggestion and made a VBS at home for Bugs. She called it "Bible Beach" and created the activities, snacks, etc. with a beach theme. Bugs loved it! Here he is in his crown they made during craft time.

Snack time!
He loved the kool-aid pops with fruit that Sweet Pea made.

Hanging out with Princess.

Laughing with big sister.

Pretty in pink

Excited little girl!

Can you guess what the Bible story was this day?

If you guessed Daniel & the Lions Den you are correct! Hear this lion roar!

This was his favorite snack of the week. They frosted & decorated cupcakes. Yummy!

The best part is eating!

This was too funny to pass up. A goatee & moustache!

Every day had a theme at our church's VBS. One day was orange shirt day, another bandanna day & khaki day. The last day they had the choice of wearing a hat or having "crazy hair". Boo chose the hair & Elvis a hat.
I came up with the idea for Boo's hair & Dave helped her make it. Elvis came up with most of the idea for his hat with a little help from mommy for the finishing touch. Below are the results.

She received TONS of compliments! Her music teacher went bonkers over her hair calling it to the attention of the entire class. She even said she wanted her hair like Boo's. LOL! I think if there had been a contest Boo would have won. She was that popular.

Here is Elvis' hat. He said all day people kept exclaiming over the monkey on his hat. He was a hit too! It looked so cute on him. He was all decked out with the hat, bandanna, orange shirt & khakis.

Elvis wanted me to take a picture of all his "loot" from the week. The setting was Australia and the theme was "Boomerang Express. It all comes back to Jesus." He also received a certificate for a free personal pizza from a local pizzeria & a certificate for a free meal from Chick-Fil-A.

Bugs wanted me to take pics of some of his prizes he received from his VBS. Not pictured are the candy, puzzle & book he won.
Our church's VBS had 900 to over 1000 kids in attendance every day. I have never in my life seen such a HUGE VBS program! They even had the sheriff there to direct traffic in and out of the parking lot & a couple of police officers patrolling to make sure everyone stayed safe. It was amazing! The kids raised over $2,700 for building a preschool in Mexico (the goal was $2,000 so they exceeded their goal) & 274 kids expressed an interest in either salvation or baptism. PTL!
Everyone had a fabulous time & can hardly wait for next year!