Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bad News

Sorry still no pictures yet.

We took the laptop into Staples last night. They are having 50% off repairs. We should hear back by Thursday or Friday night as to the diagnostic results.

The guy is coming to turn off the cable this afternoon.

More hospital bills arrived in the mail. I thought we were done but apparently not.

This morning Dave called me from work. His car broke down right as he was waiting for a light in a 5-lane intersection. It looks like it's the transmission. We bought this car last summer and haven't even had it a year. And of course we are still paying the loan on it and will be for some time. I can't believe this. When it rains it pours, eh? I'm so stressed right now with finances. Ends weren't meeting as it was now all of this junk. I pray God has a surprise provision up His sleeve.
And on top of all of this I'm feeling nostalgic about some broken relationships. I want to shake it off but can't. I hate feeling this way.


MOMMY said...

Oh Kristine I wish that you were here-a good afternoon of chatting and venting would be in order today!!! I am so sorry that you are going through so much!! Please know that I have you all in my prayers as we pray for financial peace-there are lots of us asking for this right now. I know the feeling of "when it rains it pours", I also have had many times where I have felt despair and have lost faith-it is refreshigng to see that you are not doing that and have faith that God will provide. I am learning to do this!! Keep faith, He will help us all!!!! I am trying to focus my attention on what positive we can do and pray that will help us through our tough times (wich never seem to end for us) maybe some time in the sun outside will help you get a fresh outlook. Good luck!!!!


Mama Teaching 2 said...

HUGS...I am praying for you guys. We are having a rough time here as well.