Monday, June 8, 2009


As I mentioned before this couponing deal is really working for us. I've been able to match up many coupons with fantastic sales and saving money. Dave has been amazed that we are now eating name brands for less than store brand cost! Often for pennies on the dollar! We've never cared about whether it is a name brand or not and shopped mostly store brands. It is more that he is surprised that we can actually afford the name brands AND are paying far less for them than what we normally purchase! Wow!
I couldn't resist sharing a few of our recent receipts. It's funny, we've almost been dancing our way out of the stores lately. Lol! I do admit it does take a lot of work but it is definitely paying off. And that makes me feel like I'm doing my job well. =)

Publix Trip
Here I saved more than I spent! $95.28 spent & $99.89 saved!

Kroger Trip
This trip I spent $92.78 & saved $79.57! This trip included a fantastic deal on Huggies diapers.

I just HAD to show this long list of coupons used. I think it took up at least 1/2 the receipt. =)

Another Publix Trip
This one I spent $71.76 & saved $110.85!!!!!!!
We took a trip to Kroger's week before last because we were tipped that they were tripling up to 20 coupons per transaction. I took my wad of coupons & we all went shopping. It was a long trip b/c I had to match up the best deals there in the store as most of my coupons were for regular priced items. Some things didn't come out to be worth the price even with the tripled coupons but many did. Dave & I split up our groceries into 2 carts and matched our coupons accordingly. This way we were able to save even more $$ and still keep to the rules of 20 triple coupons per transaction. Pretty smart, eh? We saved $40 with the bonus alone. That doesn't even count the original coupon savings (without it being tripled) or the sale savings. It was well worth the trip & time!
BTW, in case you are wondering I don't buy anything that we don't normally use or isn't a terrific buy. I have in mind the amount I will pay for an item and if it goes higher than that I will not pay it. It doesn't matter if its on sale or I have a coupon I still won't buy it if it isn't in my "price zone". I feel like we are not really saving money if I buy it just b/c it's a sale or has a matching coupon.

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