Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunshine & Smiles

Now that spring is soon turning to summer we are enjoying more & more sunshine. The tornado season has passed, PTL, & the days are beautiful. Dave recently put up the kids new swing set. We were able to purchase an inexpensive one at Walmart back in late April. Boo, Elvis & Bugs have been having a blast playing on what they call their "playground".

Casey our oldest & only outdoor cat.

We are also enjoying watching our veggie & flower gardens grow. Here is the scene from 3 weeks ago. Yikes! Time has gotten away from me!
My lilies getting ready to bloom. I was thrilled to find these in the flower garden as I miss my lilies I had back in MA in my perennial garden.

Tomato plant

Rows of peas

Elvis & his bean plants

Bugs & his bean plants

Boo & her bean plant

More plants

Another pretty surprise in the side garden

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