Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday Thoughts

I have to say it....I ♥ Black Friday! It's a tradition for my oldest & I to go out and have fun shopping & bargain hunting together. We don't get crazy neither do we ignore our family. My husband is fine with it, gets a kick out of our childish glee & appreciates my frugalness. As for the complaints about people having to work I think it IS important to be with family. BUT at the same time this is one of the deals when you work retail. I used to work it. Dave still does. I don't hear anyone up in arms about all the others who work on every holiday. Nurses, doctors, emergency workers, military, food service workers, hotel staff, police, fire fighters, convenience store (gas station) workers, nursing home/assisted living home workers, etc. etc. all work the holidays. The list goes on as I've barely covered it. I haven't seen anyone writing an article demanding THEY don't work. Why are we suddenly up in arms because stores are opening earlier? It's not the first time they have done this. It has been happening for years. Personally I think if you have a job be grateful. Yes, it stinks to work on a holiday. I 100% understand that. I've done it. I've been a child whose parent has had to do it. But it's not the actual day that counts. It's the time with family. So set aside another day and celebrate then. Count your blessings one of them being that you are employed. And that your job may be more secure by the number of shoppers that come through those doors. I know I'm in the minority but maybe this gave a different side that wasn't thought of before. Some food for thought on Thanksgiving week, if you will.

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