Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

Last year after Christmas we bought these gingerbread house kits. Boo bought her own & I bought one for the boys to share. Sweet Pea didn't want one & Princess was too young. It's taken us almost a year but they have finally been made. To be honest I'm glad we waited because it's more fun as a prelude to Christmas.

Bugs starts to frost the house. Elvis sulks because Bugs gets to go first. Lol.

Boo is hard at work on her house.

A snow covered roof.

My 3 men.
Elvis joins in & is now a happy boy.

The purchase.

Princess wanted to join in too.

Bugsy's favorite part was the candy.
He swiped quite a few pieces when we weren't looking. LOL!

Boo carefully plans her design.

Taking turns.

She added some more later too.

Proud artists.
These were such fun!
I may have to find some on clearance again this year & hide them away for next year. =0)


Rhonda said...

This is such sweet family fun. I never thought of buying them after Christmas and saving them for next. Great idea!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

I have a village kit I bought last year and we never did get to. I was just telling Mattmos that we need to start them.

I love yours! :)