Friday, November 4, 2011

Show & Tell Day

We're trying out a new homeschool group this year. It gives the children lots of opportunities for social activities, field trips & community service projects. Many things are divided by age while others mix the age groups.
Bugsy and I recently went to the 'Show & Tell Day' for K-2. I believe 7 or 8 children his age attended. There were a few younger siblings there as well. His show & tell was to perform a couple of his TKD patterns. It worked perfectly as he had class right before this.

He was first to do his 'Show & Tell'.

One of the little girls demonstrated Origami.

She brought paper & taught the kids how to make a puff ball. ( I think that's what it was called. I'm not really sure. Lol.)

These were the items she brought in to show the group.

Our friend, N brought in his roller coaster card collection & his photo calendar.

This little boy made a food chain & explained it.

After pizza & Show & Tell the kids played games together.

Musical Instruments Bingo.

Hungry Hippo

This was a big hit with the boys. They whacked those poor hippos like mad! LOL! See their little faces?

It was a very fun afternoon. Bugsy was very happy to have his buddy N there and made some new friends too. We are looking forward to the Christmas party in December.

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Julia said...

Ha! love the look on the boys faces with the hungry hippos. I used to love that game! Co op looks like so much fun :)