Sunday, November 6, 2011

October TKD Testing

Recently four of our children tested for their next TKD belts. It was especially exciting for Bugs who had been waiting to test for his green belt for quite some time. With the honor of earning a green belt comes the ability to spar. Bugs is very excited about this! The older children Sweet Pea, Boo Bear & Elvis were all testing for their red belts. For this testing they had to break a board with their bare hand. Last testing & belt it was with their bare foot.

Bugsy was excited & ready to get started!

The first round of testers lined up according to belt & rank.

Mr. Kelly was introduced for the first time as a 7th Dan. This is quite an honor & achievement!

Bugsy's turn came & he was out there doing his best. I was so proud of him!

First he did his pattern.

Then it was time for drill work.
This is what he has been working on a lot.

After the lower belts/ranks were done with their testing it was time for the next level of students.

Sweet Pea doing her pattern.

They take turns in groups of 2-4.
Boo & Elvis were in the same group to test.

They are allowed to go at their own pace unless the steps are being called out. That is why you see them doing different moves at the same time though they are doing the same pattern.

The final part of their testing for their red belts was to break a board with their hand. It was hard to get photos because of how crowded it was & the position they were set up in. Here is Sweet Pea hitting & breaking her board on the first hit. Yay, girl!

Boo Bear's turn.

Hit! Crack! Broken board #2! YES!

Elvis' turn to break his board.

I got the photo right after he broke it. He broke it on his first hit too! Whoot! Whoot!

They were PUMPED!

Very happy testers!

Looking tough!

They usually wait about a week or two to find out if they passed. Mr. Stevens doesn't let them test though unless he is confident they are ready. Still it's a bit of a nail biting time waiting but it's a good lesson in patience. =0)


Rhonda said...

Nice going kiddos! I am sure that they all passed with flying colors!

Julia said...

How awesome! WTG on the board breaking :)