Sunday, November 13, 2011

Zaycon Foods

The homeschool Yahoo groups around here are a wealth of information. I find out about field trips, curriculum, helps in our every day schooling, cooking tips,discounts and much more. One mother posted about a company called Zaycon Foods. One of the things they sell in bulk are fresh chicken breasts for a discounted price. They sell them in bulk and from what I understand deal directly with the farmers. I researched for hours & read a lot about them. All the reviews I found were positive. An opportunity came soon after to purchase from them. Dave & I decided to give the company and their product a try. We have been unhappy with what we have been buying from the grocery stores. The chicken is often a bit rubbery & very salty. Could this be better than that? And at a better price to boot?

Boo drove with me to Nashville to pick up our order. They have an assigned date & time frame that they email to you once your order is placed & paid for. We bought 2 cases.
(1 case = 40lbs. chicken)

Each case comes in a wax lined box. Inside each box are 4-10lb. bags of chicken. All of these bags are sealed & inside a thick bag. When they loaded my chicken into my van, (Yes, you never have to get out of your vehicle!), they put down plastic underneath the boxes. Nice, huh? Absolutely nothing leaked & there was no dirt or anything of the like on the box. But it was nice to know the extra plastic was there just in case.

Boo showing us her 'Happy Chicken Dance'.

I got to work right away cutting up the chicken & trimming it when needed. I didn't need to trim much fat at all. It was quite lean and had much less fat than the stuff we buy at the grocery store.

Now that's some nice looking chicken!
I cut the chicken up into serving size pieces. Then they were wrapped individually in plastic wrap & put in a freezer bag. Sweet Pea helped me by doing the wrapping & bagging.

I remembered we had these crates in the shed. Dave washed them up before leaving for work. They made great storage containers for our chest freezer.

By the time we were done we had 2 crates full plus a few more bags.

Do I smell CHICKEN?

We have been using the chicken for many of our meals. I am extremely pleased. The chicken is not at all salty. Oh I was so tired of salty meat! And it is the most tender chicken I've ever had! No matter what dish we make it for it is so tender and delicious! I will definitely be buying from this company again.


Rhonda said...

I love chicken. Next to pork it is my fav and you can make numerous recipes with it. I'm so glad that you found a chicken that you are satisfied with. Some of the stuff in the grocery stores here make me want to go home and vomit. Blech!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

I sure wish this was close to my mother in Florida she could really use something like this. Do you mind me asking how much it all was? Facebook the answer to me (Chelita).

Kristine said...

Rhonda, I feel like Forest Gump & his pal Bubba. BBQ Chicken, Herb Chicken, Salsa Chicken, Marinated Chicken, Chicken & Stuffing......the list goes on. Lol!
Chelita, I read they are delivering to 48 states now. I'll email/FB you more info.!