Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bouncing Fun!

My Mom bought the kids a trampoline for Christmas. Dave & I had been wanting to get them one but couldn't swing both that & individual Christmas gifts. When my Mom asked for suggestions for Christmas I brought this up. It was a win-win situation. Divided up it came out to the amount she wanted to spend per child. That was with the fantastic price I found it for at Walmart's Black Friday sale. With some diligent waiting, an overnight stay, some strategic planning & help from friends who staked out our "claim" we successfully brought it home!

Dave & Boo set it up yesterday afternoon. The kids are loving the fun it brings & I love that they are getting some of that pent up cabin fever energy out. So much better than constant video games! Hooray!



Alison said...

My kids say your kids are super lucky..they want one but we are not allowed per our homeowners insurance.. so can we come play???

Rhonda said...

Trampolines are so much fun. My girls practically live on ours come spring and they love laying on it and star gazing. On cool nights it is great to bring blankets and pillows and a cup of hot chocolate on to watch the stars also. But the best fun we have had on it, is just plain ol jumping!

Julia said...

How fun! Our neighbor has one and the girls LOVE it.. they are always down there bouncing LOL Enjoy it!