Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

We usually don't make a huge deal out of Valentine's Day. We don't buy expensive gifts & we don't decorate. We do however like to give homemade Valentines to each other & get the kids a little sweet treat. This year we did something new. We had a Heart Hunt. I was sick all day so I had lots of help. Sweet Pea cut out 18 small hearts for me out of construction paper. Each child had 4 hearts except for Princess who had 2. I wrote their names on them. Dave hid them all over the house. They were told to find the hearts with their own names on them. When they accomplished this they were to bring them to me to turn them in for a prize. Boy were they excited!

Getting ready for their Heart Hunt

So silly!

Bugs looks all over the living room.

I'm not sure what that look was about. Lol!

Found one!


Sweet Pea helps Princess.

Little Sweetheart

Sweet Pea has to look a little harder for hers.

Elvis was the first to turn his hearts in. For his prize he received a homemade Valentine from Mama.......(more later in this post)

Bugsy received a monkey card from Mama.
There was a special just-for-him message inside.
Dave's Valentine from me. No, you cannot read the message. Lol!

Princess with her Valentine from Mama.

Boo Bear's Valentine from Mama.

Here they are with all their prizes/treats!
They received a homemade just-for-them Valentine from Mama, a Valentine from Nana (Each with $1 inside!) & a candy treat. They were very excited!
Sweet Pea didn't pose with her Valentine but it was a kitten. =0)

And of course a goofy pose! Lol!


Rhonda said...

What great little Valentine sweethearts you have! That heart hunt was a wonderful idea! Your Valentine cards are just adorable.

Julia said...

How fun! I love the homemade Valentine ♥