Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Verdict Is In!

Today I made a new recipe for us to try for dinner. Spinach Chicken Alfredo! I got it off of the Internet & it sounded pretty simple and yummy. It's a crock pot recipe & I'm a big fan of those.

Here it is all ready to serve.
We didn't have Rotini so we used spaghetti instead.

Everyone made fun of me for taking a photo of my plate but I liked the presentation. Lol!

The kids were really good helpers today so we had a special dessert as a reward. They didn't know it was coming. Do you think this boy likes sweets?


She was sleepy so Daddy helped her out with her dessert.

For all our friends out there I had our family rate the Spinach Chicken Alfredo on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 of course was the highest/best. I was pleased with the results. Princess & Dave said they liked it a lot but there were other dishes that were favorites which ranked higher. I thought it was funny that they analyzed it so deeply. Overall it was a hit & Boo asked if I would serve it again soon. The boys, Boo & Dave all had second helpings so that says something good. Lol! =0)
The Votes:
Dave = 8
Elvis = 9
Boo Bear = 10
Sweet Pea = 8
Bugsy = 10

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Rhonda said...

I love taking pics of the foods that we eat. I enjoy knowing that it might give some busy moms out there some ideas. That just sounds like a delicious meal. Would you be willing to share the recipe or maybe the website that you got it from?