Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baking With My Boys

We've been trying to get back to making more baked good at home. It saves money which is #1. It is more filling for the kids as it adds to dinner & makes for a heartier breakfast too. The kids all love to cook & bake. I believe it's an important skill for both my girls & boys to learn.

The boys wanted to make Sassy Cinnamon Muffins on Thursday so we set to work. I quadrupled the recipe. I was impressed at how easily Elvis converted the measurements. They took turns adding the ingredients & then stirring them all up.

Stirring the batter together!

We decided to add in an extra treat to our muffins. Apples! I cut the apples up into little pieces. The boys enjoyed taking turns putting them in the batter.

Here are our muffins! We had some for a snack as we couldn't' wait for dinner time. Lol! We all had some at dinner too. Delicious! The boys were very proud of their work.


Rhonda said...

WTG boys! They look delicious. I think that it is so important for all kids to learn how to cook. They are going to make some woman very happy. :0)

Julia said...

Oh, yum... everything looks delicious! WTG, boys!