Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bugsy Turns 5!

My youngest son turned 5 last week. He is definitely a big boy now. He was very excited about his birthday & had been counting down the days all summer.

He chose Chinese food for his special dinner.

After supper he chose to do presents before cake.

He started with the biggest box.
He had seen the box sitting in my room for at a week.

Oh, the anticipation!

Surprise! His own tent!

Of course you need a flashlight to go with it.

Elvis gave him his toy camera.

Elvis also bought him silly bands with his own $.

From Sweet Pea

From Mommy


More silly bands!

From Sweet Pea
She thought of this & bought it all on her own.

From Boo Bear
It was full of candy, coins & stickers.

A horn for his bike.

Buzz to the rescue!

Transformer silly bands.
He also received CARS & Thomas the Tank Engine ones.

Posing with all his birthday goodies

Yep, they are all his.
And he received even MORE later!

Cake time!

Making his wish

A very happy birthday boy.

Being goofy!
He told us he had a terrific birthday. I can't believe another year has passed. I am so blessed to have been there every day to see him grow & to celebrate this special day.

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Rhonda said...

Wow! He really raked in the loot! Happy Birthday little man. Looks like an awesome day!