Monday, October 11, 2010

Before & After

Last night we worked on the boy's room. AGAIN. Even though they are limited in their time in it & I have things in specific bins it doesn't seem to matter. I swear they can destroy their room in Guinness Book of World Record Time. We'll keep trying new things & hopefully will find something to help out. In the meantime we figured we'd take down their bunk beds. One of the mattresses is junk anyway & they never sleep in their beds. All that happens is junk is piled on them & under them making more mess to clean up. We were going to store the beds but decided instead to bless another family with them. What will we do when the boys are ready for beds one day? Well, we are trusting God will provide when that time comes.

A Before Picture
I was surprised how upset Elvis became when Dave started taking down the beds. He cried about losing "his only bed". Thankfully the tears disappeared & were replaced with cheers & a huge smile when he saw the new set up.

This only begins to show the disaster. If only photos could share smell too. Never mind. I wouldn't torture you so.

After hours of scrubbing carpets, walls & furniture and sorting 100's of small toy pieces we were done. Here is the entry now.

Most of the furniture was moved. The desk, drawers & crates are now sitting in the space where the bunk bed used to be.

Still plenty of room to play!

The closet is once again organized. The toys are happy to be back in their bins & the clothes hang sweetly on their hangers.

The boys absolutely LOVE their tents!
As you know Bugs received his for his birthday. Elvis received his several Christmases ago. It's like having their own room within their shared room. Each has their bedding, pillows, special stuffed animals & a few treasures inside.

Last night was the first night they both slept in their room since we moved in! I'd call that a successful room change!


tammy said...

Sweet!!! It looks wonderful and yes, it sounds like a success. So, their tents will be their beds for now?

Kristine said...

Yes, the tents will be their beds. Elvis has one of those egg carton cushion things in his tent & if Bugs wants one we'll get him one too. Right now he has a couple of puffy comforters & his sleeping bag. Before this they were sleeping on the upstairs sectional couch every night. Their choice. Never in their beds. This way they have more room to play & can have their tents set up all the time. Bugs had his in the family room prior. When they decide they truly want beds to sleep in every night we'll do it. For now they think this is cool! =0)

Rhonda said...

I remember when Lindsay got her first tent, she did not sleep in her bed for months. The boys' room looks great and I like the idea of the tents being a place all of their own.