Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rope Beds & Helping Each Other

We made rope beds to go with our straw ticks. The kids were surprised to learn how beds were made in Colonial times. Of course ours were models using materials we had around the house. =0) The kids understood the difference between what materials were really used & what we were using for our models.

Cutting out the cardboard for the frame.
We used cereal boxes.

Measuring it to size.

Here he is measuring to see how long to cut the "rope".

We experimented a little on how to "tie" the rope to the frame. Since we were using cardboard & yarn we couldn't use nails, pegs or tie it on like they would with the real beds. We tried using tacks but the cardboard wasn't thick enough. I thought of tape but I didn't like that idea. We decided to use the stapler. Kind of like nails right?

After measuring & cutting both the frame & yarn we stapled the first round. Then it was time to do the cross rope. The kids learned that weaving it helped to make it stronger.


They also learned that if the yarn/rope was pulled tight it would hold the straw tick better.

Elvis' looks a little different than Bugsy's because his was the first we worked on. Therefore his was kind of the "experiment" one. Lol! But it all came out well & everyone was happy.

Boo with her rope bed.

I adore this photo.

This was a precious moment as well.
It warms my heart when they freely help each other.

Math & Silly Bands

Toddlers crack me up. She had fun for quite a time in this box.

Even though some days are rough I wouldn't trade homeschooling for anything. I love capturing all these different moments of learning, teaching, sharing & playing.


Rhonda said...

What a great project for your family to do together.

Rhonda said...

What a great project for your family to do together.