Monday, October 18, 2010


Recently we took a trip to the Nashville Zoo. It was the last day of the summer carousel rides. Well, the free ones for members that is. Normally we don't go on the ride because it adds up to $10 for all the kids to ride ONE time. Yikes! This time we were able to squeeze in 2 free rides before the time ran out. It was crowded!

I apologize for the less than stellar photos on the ride. I was trying to use my point & shoot and hold onto Princess at the same time while the ride was going & moving me around. Tricky! LOL!

Loving this special treat!


You're never too old for a fun ride on a carousel! Ask Sweet Pea! =0)

Look at me, Mom!

Love that big grin!

Princess & Mommy
It was her first carousel ride!

She wasn't sure about it at first. But then she was facinated watching everything & everyone.

Two families - 9 kids!

A visit up to the farm.

Walking through the gardens.

Some time in the bouncy house.

Time to see the new flamingo exhibit!

These birds are amazing!

Some of the girls wanted to take turns pushing Sweet Pea in her stroller. Sweet Pea loved it & waved as she rode along acting like she was queen in a parade. Lol!

Hello, fans!

The Red Panda is one of my favorites. It was a treat to have him come right up to the glass!

We saw many other animals too. My absolute favorites were the flamingos. It was a fun day & I'm looking forward to going again when it is cooler.

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Rhonda said...

Looks like everyone had an awesome time! I love a carousel ride. Thanks for sharing all of the photos of the zoo. They were very cool.