Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I have been wanting to cook up some freezer meals but first had to wait for my Zaycon chicken order to be delivered. Then I needed TIME. After a big shopping trip last night I decided to go for it the next morning. The van is out of commission & I was stuck at home so what better time than this? I was pleased the kids were all willing to help. There was A LOT of prep & clean up work. The more hands the better! =) 

When Bugs saw me peeling & cutting carrots he asked if he could help.  Of course I said YES.

Sweet Pea washed my dishes before cooking & then cooked up a batch of chicken.

Boo Bear joined in peeling potatoes. 

He was talking tough guy to the carrot.  Hilarious!

Elvis joined in peeling carrots and then graduated to potatoes.  Between himself & Boo they peeled 15 pounds of potatoes!  

After peeling a bag and a half of carrots Bugs asked to take a break to read.  This weekend a fire was lit and he wants to read book after book.  I certainly wasn't going to say no to this.

This book has captured his full attention.  To say I am thrilled is an understatement!

Princess took a break to watch Barbar.  Or as she calls it, "The Elephants".

Time to make stew!

Josie cuddled up in a chair next to me.

Last night while shopping we picked out a roast to use for stew meat.  

I cut up the meat & mixed the stew ingredients together.  Boo crushed the whole tomatoes up for me.


Boo & Blueberry Muffins

Busy beavers.

Bugs opening up some cans of broth for me.

Elvis offered to make lunch for everyone.

Picnic lunch in the living room.  Tuna fish sandwiches & raisins with cookies for dessert.

Potato Soup

Peek-a-boo!  Look who was outside my kitchen window (over the sink).

I was cutting up a bunch of cooked chicken for soup.  Elvis wanted to help. He did a really good job.

Sweet Pea sauteing carrots & onions for Creamy Wild Rice Soup.


It's getting messy in here!

    Thawing out some of my homemade turkey stock.

More photos from the rest of our Cooking Day (and evening) coming soon!

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

You guys were on the ball! Looks like that kitty smelled all that delish stuff from outside. :) I love how the whole family pitched in.