Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Blessing Tree 2012

I absolutely love family traditions. To me they represent all the good things about being a family. Today was our day to make our annual Blessing Tree. This is one of my favorites. First because we get to list our blessings and focus on them no matter what trouble is going on around us. The second is because of the memories we are making. After Thanksgiving has passed & we take down our tree I like to keep our hand print leaves. It is sweet to take them out in years to come and see how little hands listed big blessings. Do you have a special Thanksgiving tradition? 

 She was THRILLED to use her pink scissors.

She helped Boo trace her hand.

Elvis in deep concentration.

My hands!

She was very pleased with her hand print.  She kept fitting her hand to it and studying it.

Putting up the trunk & branches of our tree.  More to come!

Our Blessing Tree 2012


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