Monday, November 12, 2012


We've had a lot going on these past couple of months.  As a result our schedule has gone out the window.  It was time to reclaim it and today was the day.  After breakfast, chores & getting ready for the day this is our morning.
Sweet Pea did Craft Time with Princess & Bugsy.

Hand print turkeys by Princess & Sweet Pea

Bugsy shows off his hand print turkeys.

Elvis read our science lesson aloud today.

Bugs demonstrates Mercury & the Sun.

A little experiment.

The color turned to blue.
We finished up our science by reading one of The Magic Schoolbus books & writing in our journals.

Next it was time for cursive writing for Elvis (his first day) & Beyond the Code for Bugs.

Princess & Boo Bear time.  They chose to read books together.

The older girls worked on their studies at the table downstairs and in the family room upstairs.  We took a break for lunch & some playtime.  Now they are back to the books.  Bugs is doing math with Sweet Pea, Elvis is studying Latin & Boo is deep into history.  Princess and I have the toughest assignments.  To watch a little Diego & take a little snooze.  =)   Happy Monday, everyone!

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