Thursday, October 18, 2012


Boy, am I late posting this! We hit the ground running on Labor Day aka First Day of School & haven't come up for air. We are having a great time. Here are some of our photos from our first day of school.  This post is our Treasure Hunt.

This year Dave made cubbies for Princess.  This is to organize her learning activities and to make it easy for her to access.


As our tradition is every year the youngest plays their Treasure Hunt first.  

This is the first year Princess really got into it.  She was eager to get started.

Finding clue after clue............

Almost there!

She found it!

It didn't take long for her to dig into her treasures.
Now it's Bugsy's turn!

Back at the ranch Princess continues to discover her treasures.


Refrigerator magnet letters & numbers.

It's up there!


This girls LOVES her ponies.

Some new-to-her books.

Candy, yum!

Elvis was FAST on his treasure hunt.

Starting to sort through his new treasures.


I insisted Boo have at least ONE more year of treasure hunting.  

Sneaking up the stairs.......backwards.

A clue!  A clue!

Don't worry, Boo.  It won't bite.  

She found it!
Another tradition: Taking a photo with all their back-to-school treasures.

Bugsy's treasures.

Princess with her treasures.

Princess had a few extra treasures that wouldn't fit in her backpack.


Boo's treasures.

Playing ponies with big sister.

Sweet Pea didn't want to participate in the Treasure Hunt this year.  Though it made me sad I didn't fight her on it.  However she did still receive her traditional backpack of treasures.

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

My favorite picture was of the supreme Mario excitement! LOL I love that you guys do this each year.