Saturday, August 18, 2012


It's always fun to hear what other homeschoolers are using & learning during their school year. This week we went to a couple of friend's homes & they shared with me their selections. One of my friends even had a 'Box Day' delivery! How fun! I thought it would be fun to post mine to share too. These are a few of the books we are using this year for science and history.  Maybe I'll post the rest of our studies later. =)

My boys will be in 5th/6th grade & 2nd/3rd grade.  In case you are wondering I list it this way b/c all their studies do not fall into the same grade level.  Elvis is advanced in science, history & math while Bugsy is advanced in math, science & reading.

Princess will be starting pre-school.  She is 3yrs. (A post on her learning soon.) Sweet Pea will be in 11th/12th & Boo Bear in 8th/9th.  Sweet Pea is advanced in literature, writing, history & studies Honors science and history.  Boo Bear is advanced in literature, history & science.  She will be studying honors courses next year in high school.

My boys will be learning from these books.  I am combining them as they are all excellent.  Some will be used as main curriculum while others are more of a supplement.

This is the boys history.  Time Travelers will be our main curriculum with KONOS as a supplement.  I love KONOS and am excited to have it back in our studies.

Boo Bear chose this for her history.  We're excited to get back to literature studies!
After this is completed she will start the Middle Ages guide.

Sweet Pea's science.  She will be Skyping with Grannie too!  Grannie taught this for YEARS and is excellent.

Boo Bear will be studying with a science co-op group this year.  She met everyone a couple weeks ago & is really looking forward to it.

Our resource books for our solar system & earth science studies.


Middle Ages

More Middle Ages materials

And even MORE solar system resources!


These were hiding downstairs but we found them!  Lol.

And, yes, even MORE solar system books!  Definitely a well-loved subject in our home.
These are for our Civil War studies.  And now my sweet friend has lent me even more books!  Hooray!

We will use the library too (lots!) but I like having books at home as well that the kids can read anytime. 

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