Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Cleaning up the tubs & making sure everything is in it's place.

Doesn't she look thrilled?

The kids wrangled the extra mattress across the room into the closet.

Scrub those spots, Mr. Pirate!

Tubs back into the closet, please.

Princess has a little playtime.

The girls helped lift the mattress so we could clean underneath.

Princess loves being a helper.

Bugsy vacuums in the corner.

Mopboards must be cleaned too.

Vacuuming behind the beds.......

And scrubbing the walls.

We even cleaned behind all the furniture.

The corner walls needed some paint to freshen them up.  Thank God for leftovers. how will we get that train table in there?

The dresser gets a new view.

Bugsy cleaned his bookcase.

Elvis spiffed his bookcase up too.  Looks great!

The reward for all their hard work?  New curtains!!!!!!


Elvis is in love!  Lol!

In case it's hard to see they have Star Wars Clones all over them.  My boys are HUGE Star Wars fans.

Long lost posters were put up too!  
Can you tell what's missing?

The 3rd set will go up when I get another curtain rod.  I bought these months ago when they were super cheap on Amazon.  I believe they were $16 for all 3 sets including shipping & tax.  Sweet!
Oh, and the train table DID fit!  

We did some rearranging in the Family Room too.  Both the boy's desks are where the train table used to be.  

And it's ALL DONE!  Now to maintain.........

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Mary Cox said...

awsome room work--curtains are great too--inspiration to work on our rooms.