Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I don't know if this is the norm but it is for my boys. Their room is stinky, messy and 90% of the time needs to be overhauled. I try to keep up and make it an easier place to stay nice but I feel like I'm usually fighting a losing battle. Today I suddenly became infused with a jolt of energy. I am once again attempting to get their room under control. It may be a battle I lose but I'm determined to win the war! Lol! 

We were going to work on moving the cubbies to make room for Bugsy's desk.  His desk has been in the family room but it's always covered in stuff so he can't use it.  Now my desk is in it's place so his needs a new home.  Thus the project begins...........

This mattress sat behind the wire cubbies.  Now it needs a new home.

The closet floor was completely cleaned out.  

Yes, I am a mean mom as I make my kids do the bulk of the work.  After all it is THEIR mess, right?


Bugsy cleaning out under the beds. (For the 15th time.)

Elvis makes sure the bins hold what they are supposed to hold and ONLY what they are labeled for.

Showing off the clean closet.

Poor Boo. 

How come the mess ALWAYS gets bigger before it gets completed?  Do you find that happens to you too?

TO BE CONTINUED.......................

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