Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dollar Tree Treasures

One of my favorite stores is the Dollar Tree. They have lots of things for our homeschool,organizing, cleaning & more. Monday the kids & I visited all the Dollar Tree stores in our city. Each have a little something different to add to the mix. These are a few of our treasures that we brought home. 

This poster is for Princess.  
Bugs posed with it for me since Princess was taking a nap.

There are 2 posters in the package.  This is the other one.  Cute!

Bugs got this 2-pack for his room.  
One poster......

The other poster.  (His favorite.)

Elvis picked animal posters.  Big surprise there!  Lol!

The 2nd poster.

One of the main items I was seeking were workbooks for Princess. Here they are!

This is for Bugsy.  I used to love these as a kid.

Perfect for our astronomy studies!

I think this will be a fun way to review favorite books this year with my boys.

Who is doing election activities this fall?  We are!

Some handy items for school.  

Fun items for Princess.  
She loves, loves, LOVES My Little Ponies!
(More details on plans for her in an upcoming post.)

Sweet Pea is going to do lessons with Princess too.  She has been working on her plans & bought a BUNCH of fun items at the Dollar Tree.  See why we call her Princess?  Lol.  
Oh, and I found some fun things for our Treasure Hunt too.  You'll see those soon in our Back-to-School post.  =)

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